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Our Brookside Lusitano dressage horses are currently showing and winning at all levels including Grand Prix. These Brookside Lusitanos are competing on the East Coast, West Coast and as far away as Asia, exhibiting the true ride ability and willing disposition of our Brookside Lusitanos.

Brookside Lusitanos

We import and train top quality Lusitano horses from the foremost breeders in the world. Brookside Equestrian offers a complete program to develop competition dressage horses that are both competitive and fun to ride.

Brookside Equestrian Brookside Lusitanos ☛ Walnut, California

We have years of experience and a very impressive record of satisfied customers. Our horses are carefully chosen and trained by top dressage professionals.

Keith & Linda Walton, Brookside Equestrian

Brookside Weddings

The Wedding of Mark and Nicole from Christopher Eusebio on Vimeo.

Please visit our dedicated website BrooksideWeddings.com

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