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Zamorin is an impressive 16 hand Lusitano gelding born June 2004 in Brazil. He exhibits an incredible work ethic and is currently successfully showing Grand Prix. Zamorin has a wonderful temperament. On the trail or at large horse shows he is calm and attentive. This horse has everything, talent, brains and beauty. He is in training with Guenter Seidel.

Lusitano Dressage Horses For sale

Carlos Carneiro is the best source for top quality Lusitanos horses in the United States. He helped in the purchase and importation of many of our Brookside Lusitano horses of which 10 reached the FEI level. Carlos was born and raised in Portugal the home of the world’s premier and foundation Lusitano breeding farms The Lusitnao Breed is the national horse of Portugal. Carlos is currently training horses in Northern California and has access to the best lusitano dressage horses available in Portugal. Carlos Carneiro is an Equestrian profession of the highest level who can help you locate a quality Lusitano dressage horse. There is no one more reputable and honest.

Keith & Linda Walton, Brookside Lusitanos

Contact: Carlos Carneiro at (707) 812-3441

Young Lusitanos Horses for Sale

If you are looking for a young quality Lusitano horse that you can watch mature and develop into something special we recommend that you contact Jaz Ranch Lusitanos in Levan Utah. Jaz Ranch stands Halconero who consistently produces foals with superior movement and wonderful trainable dispositions. The best of our Brooksides mares were added to the Jaz Ranch breeding program so they possess outstanding pure Lusitano breeding stock.

Jax Ranch Lusitanos
Levan, Utah
(435) 660-6278

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